10 Best Romantic Comedies


I recently saw this post of the top 25 RomCom’s since When Harry Met Sally and also have been reading Mindy Kaling’s book where she talks about how Romantic Comedy’s just aren’t the same anymore and it got me thinking about my favorites. Now, in keeping with the “since When Harry Met Sally” theme these do not include classics so please don’t accuse me of forgetting obvious choices like Breakfast at Tiffany’s or whatever.

1. Clueless – I can quote this entire movie and watch it over and over. And this movie also began my undying devotion to Paul Rudd.

2. Notting Hill – I’ve seen this so many times. I just love Julia Roberts in this movie and find Hugh Grant charming and his roommate hilarious.

3. Family Man – My all time favorite Nick Cage movie.

4. Almost Famous – Maybe not a strictly RomCom but it’s such a good movie from top to bottom and there is comedy and romance so deal with it.

5. High Fidelity – John Cusack at his finest and the nineties grunge fashion and music rocks. It was a tough call between choosing this and Say Anything though.

6. Two Weeks Notice – I can’t believe Hugh Grant is on my list more than once but this movie is so funny and Sandra Bullock is up there with Meg Ryan for me. Crap, now I’m thinking of so many others like Hope Floats, Miss Congeniality etc.

7. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – I know this is totally cheesy at times but Matt McConaughey is just so dang cute and Kate Hudson’s clothes are total eye candy.

8. As Good As it Gets – Jack Nicholson kills it in this movie and the rest of the cast is pretty impressive too. Although I still have to close my eyes when they show Greg Kinnear all beat up.

9. You’ve Got Mail – I went through a major Meg Ryan obsession in my youth and really I love Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally just as much.

10. The Devil Wears Prada – The relationship between adorable Adrian Grenier and Anne Hathaway is great and all but I think Emily Blunt and Meryl Streep stole the show. Another movie I can watch over and over again for the eye candy and fashion montage.  Speaking of which I should totally do a list of my top 10 favorite montages.

Which ones are on your list?