Baby Led Weaning: Easy (vegan) lunch

Cooking for a baby is about as rewarding as vacuuming in a house with a Bernese Mountain Dog. A is getting better and better at eating and more and more food is ending up in her mouth but a lot of it still ends up on the floor so I don’t like to spend a lot of time cooking for her when she isn’t really getting much sustenance from it anyways. At nine months she’s still probably 90% boob fed. I have figured out a couple of tricks to make it easier and thought I’d share.

Here’s what you do to make one basic meal last for several days.

Make enough rotini to last a few days. This is A’s absolute favorite kind of pasta – easy to grasp and it breaks apart in sections as she eats it.

Add some nutritional yeast (bulk section of health food store). Super good for you and awesome cheesy flavor. Plus it takes the slippery quality away from the pasta making it easier for A to pick up.


Cube your own tofu from a block of tofu (you can buy already cubed tofu but it’s not a good value ounce to cost and its easy peasy to cube yourself). I usually just cook it in some olive or coconut oil and spice it with garlic and onion powder. A LOVES tofu! Even if you aren’t vegan/vegetarian I’d recommend trying this with your baby since it’s a great source of protein while being soft and easy to eat/digest.

Then I add some baby spinach which is really easy and all ready to go when you get it in these bins.

If you just add the spinach to the tofu which is already hot you can put a lid on the pan and the spinach shrivels up really quickly. Also easy for baby to eat.

She LOVES this meal and its really simple and easy to mix it up by adding different things like corn kernels, black beans, diced tomatoes or whatever you have on hand.


See Moby in the background patrolling for dropped morsels?

And bonus, I love it too. Lunch for mom!


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