Big Girl Carseat

Adelaide recently upgraded to a harness to booster carseat and she is pretty much in love. You may know the brand RECARO from the high quality seats that they make for race cars and I was so thrilled to learn that they are now making carseats for kiddos. I showed Adelaide some pictures of race cars with seats “just like hers” and she was even more excited to be upgraded to a new seat.  We got the RECARO Performance SPORT carseat which has safety features are actually racing-inspired with full body side impact protection. I’ve seen racers climb out of race cars after a wreck and they are looking pretty good so I really trust their engineering.

recaro performance sport buckle

I love this carseat because it will grow with her until she’s 120 lbs which is basically a teenager so we’ll see how that conversation goes when I’m trying to talk her into a carseat in junior high! Kidding aside, carseats are expensive so finding one that will last for the rest of the carseat years is a huge win. She’ll be in the five point harness mode until she’s 65 lbs or 49 inches and then she’ll switch over to the booster mode.

As she gets older, it’s also nice to have a carseat that she’s able to buckle herself into (but still not able to unbuckle!). Aside from the buckles being the type she can do on her own, the RECARO HERO system (padded straps connected to the carseat) keeps the harness straps from twisting which was a huge problem with her past carseat. The look of pride on her face when she climbs in and buckles herself is pretty darn amazing.
recaro performance sport HERO system
She’s also happy to have a little more room around her head for important things like pigtails. Her previous convertible carseat was really padded around the head and hips so she was really snug and often complained of being too hot in the Austin summers. The RECARO Performance SPORT actually has temperature balancing CoolMesh fabric so even though it’s black it stays cool.

recaro performance sport booster

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Now for the fun part, RECARO is giving away one of these carseats to one lucky winner! Enter the giveaway below — ends May 28th, good luck!!

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I received this carseat for free from RECARO for the purposes of this review. As always, all opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the manufacturer of this product.