Gift Ideas for a New Mom During the Holidays

My daughter was born on New Year’s Eve (despite being due on Dec. 15) and I was very overwhelmed with all of the normal hulla-baloo of the holidays plus having a newborn that I had expected to be here long before Christmas. I thought I would share a few tips for those of you looking to do something special for that momma of a holiday baby.

First, any gift that you want to give her should be delivered or dropped on the porch. Likely the family is already overwhelmed with family demands and exhausted from normal newborn duty so the idea of “entertaining” another visitor right now is probably not welcomed. The exception to this rule is if you are good enough friends that you feel comfortable texting/calling the papa and finding out when a good time for you to stop by and do some laundry or dishes would be. If baby and mama happen to be up for a quick visit, that’s great but do NOT linger and don’t prevent anyone from getting a much needed nap. Ok now on to the fun stuff!

Basically there are three major categories that you should focus on when buying gifts for a postpartum mom anytime of year but especially a new mom around during the holidays who might need a little extra TLC.

gift ideas for a new mom

1. Nourishment – New Moms are exhausted and don’t want to or are unable to cook for themselves. Meals and gift cards for the delivery of meals are always a good idea. But, an often overlooked area is snacks and beverages for the nursing mom. A mom who is breastfeeding is ALWAYS thirsty and hungry. Trust me. So a mug that can’t be spilled when knocked over or a water cup with a straw (she can drink out of it even when she has no hands free!) is a great gift. One of my favorite things that someone brought me post-baby was a really well put together trail mix in a tupperware container. I put it on the table next to my nursing chair and snacked on it whenever I was ravenous.

2. Entertainment – New Moms are extremely busy with their new babies but they are also often very bored when they are trapped in a nursing chair or when their baby falls asleep on their chest but they are too afraid to move in fear of waking up their sweet newborn. Being housebound has its perks but it can get lonely and boring. Setting mom up with a subscription to Netflix,, Hulu or the like will be much appreciated. And, new Moms probably don’t have the brain capacity for reading actual books but awesome magazine with pretty pictures are a great gift.

3. Pamper – Let’s face it, new moms are typically feeling more like zombies than ladies but a little bit of pampering can go a long way towards improving the mood of an overtired postpartum mama. Some great ideas include: nice beauty products (I’m talking lotion and chapstick not mascara and lipstick), comfy (and maybe a little bit sexy) pajama’s and my personal favorite, dry shampoo (because… well you know!). Once she is ready to get out of the house spa treatments are definitely  a great idea too or if you know a masseuse that will travel to their clients sent one over to her house (with mom’s consent of course!).


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