5 things about the 2nd pregnancy that suck

long sleeves good. tank tops bad.

long sleeves good. tank tops bad.

I am really enjoying pregnancy this time around. With A I was constantly worried about what was happening and reading every book I could find and wondering what her birth would be like that I rarely just stopped and loved being pregnant. Now that I have 1+ years of motherhood under my belt, I am much more comfortable in my own pregnant skin. I find myself talking to this baby (mostly in my head) and I feel so connected to the baby already. Now that I know first hand how strong the parent-child bond is, I am already feeling that bond with this little tidbit. I smile each time the baby kicks and look forward to those movements first thing in the morning.  Speaking of kicks, this is one strong fetus. Much stronger than I remember A being at this stage. Today for the first time, A felt the baby kick and it was the sweetest moment ever.

Feeling tidbit's kicks

Feeling tidbit’s kicks

In case some of you preggo’s are rolling your eyes at my mushy feelings about pregnancy. There are still some things that I don’t feel so warm and fuzzy about this time around.

1. Being pregnant and caring for a 15 month old is so exhausting.

2. I feel so big already and have to wear far less clothes (therefore making it more obvious how huge I am) with a summer baby.

3. I am moving across the country when I’m 30 weeks along. Wha?!

4. Next weekend I am forced to walk down the aisle (as a bridesmaid), pregnant. I would only do this for someone as special as J.

5. I could really use a beer.

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