3 steps to get rid of Acne

When I was a pubescent teen I had normal teenage acne and just dabbed on some Clearasil or Pro-Activ or whatever and it at least managed it so that I was like every other teen in my class. Zits happen. Teenagers deal with it. However, I was very happy to grow out of that stage and become an adult with clear skin and fancy make-up and $50 Hope in a Jar lotion from Sephora (those days are over too thanks to baby expenses). When I was preg I started getting more and more pimples along my jaw line and by the time I was 6 weeks post partum they were really bad and I googled it and Mr. Google told me I had cystic acne. I cried a lot of hormonal tears that day because I kept reading that cystic acne could not be cleared up with any lotions over the counter or from the derm and that you may have to get injections into each zit to deal with it. Kill me.

I did my research and found out about acne.org which is more than just the store it’s loads of information put together by a guy named Daniel Kern who suffered from bad acne his whole life. They talk about how to treat your face complete with videos and everything. I read another blog where the mom used the regimen and her lifelong acne cleared up. And if there is anyone I trust, it’s bloggers. I ordered that regimen kit right quick and sadly it took like 2 weeks to arrive which feels like 2 years when your face is exploding. Once it arrived I followed the very specific rules and regs exactly. For a couple weeks my skin got really dry and flaky which was totally normal according to the site and cleared up once my skin adjusted to the treatment. It was pretty simple and easy once you got the hang of it and guess what? MY ACNE WENT AWAY! I couldn’t believe that such a simple, affordable method did what probably thousands of dollars spent by my dad at a dermatologist couldn’t do for my teenage face and certainly what $50 lotion couldn’t do for my post partum face.

This a non-edited picture of me after a week of sweat and sunscreen in Mexico and NO make-up. I don’t really ever have to wear make-up anymore (at least not for covering zit purposes).

If you have acne problems especially the kind that results from having a baby do yourself a favor and go order this right now. You have enough to cry about, don’t add pizza face to the list. And NO I am not being compensated for this at all, just trying to help other moms and pimple people out. I really wish someone had told me about this stuff sooner. But if you are reading this Daniel Kern feel free to hook me up with a lifetime supply because I’m never stopping!

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