9 ways to get unfriended on facebook…


talk about…

  1. how people on government assistance are really just selfish and lazy leaches sitting easy and enjoying a “handout”
  2. LGBT people as being undeserving of the basic human rights every person should enjoy
  3. corporal punishment for children being a necessary way to “teach” kids how to “act right”
  4. and on that note… Repeatedly post stories about horrible things happening to children. I just can’t handle it.
  5. refer to abortion as murder
  6. make racist comments
  7. bash mom’s for their different parenting decisions (except the corporal punishment one – you get a pass on that)
  8. attack someone’s religious (or lack of) beliefs
  9. do something horrible in real life (e.g. cheat on my best friend)

Reasons I might hide your updates just because they annoy me (aka lesser offenses):

  • post selfies of what you wear to work every single day
  • use 50 hashtags on every picture
  • post mundane or vague updates repeatedly
  • talk about politics too often
  • refer to FoxNews as if it is actually news or share Glenn Beck quotes (barf)

Alright chime in readers… am I forgetting anything? What makes you unfriend people on FaceBook?