Best Local Oregon Wines

So my pallet for wine has been slow to blossom. In college I never drank wine and have recently started discovering all the micro brew beers that I love but haven’t gotten on board with wine aside from the occasional Riesling (aka alcoholic juice).

Guess what you guys? It turns out I DO love wine I just have expensive tastes. Whoops. I’m so stoked to learn about local wines and living in the Pacific Northwest offers so many opportunities to explore. One of my friends here on the coast is a wine connoisseur and has an impressive wine cellar that she was so kind to share with me this past weekend. Three of us were going out to dinner and met at her house first for drinks. She put together a wine tasting with paired foods. It was fabulous! And I never say fabulous.

Here are my three favorites.

The Melon was probably one of the best white wines I’ve ever had.

2012 Du Ponte Cellars Melon de Bourgogne

deponte melon

The Grenache is a dessert wine and won our local Seafood and Wine festival ‘Best in Show’ last year. It was so delicious with the homemade truffle that my friend paired it with… mmmm. I definitely went back for seconds on this one.

Spangler Vineyards 2010 Grenache

spangler grenache

So I’ve never really been a huge red wine fan which is a big bummer for Richard because that’s all he drinks. Well, this Pinor Noir was my favorite of all the wines we tasted. So it turns out I DO like red wine, I just only like expensive red wines. Sigh…

2010 Sokol Blosser Goospen Block Pinot Noir

sokol blosser pinot noir

We also had a Merlot and and Rosé and while they were both unique and I’m sure very fine wines they didn’t stand out as favorites for me.