Low Carb Quick Fix for Chocolate Craving


Ok I feel a little dumb even posting about this because it’s not an actual recipe or anything but when I’ve told some of my friends about it, they have told me it’s pretty brilliant (go figure) so I thought I might as well share.

I have a major sugar tooth but really its just a chocolate tooth. I always say that if it’s not chocolate, it’s not worth the calories when it comes to dessert. So ever since I cut out carbs, I have struggled with what to have for ‘a little something sweet’ after dinner. When you are trying not to eat carbs, even fruit is a no-no (although I cheat on this). I started by eating sugar-free chocolates and absolutely LOVED these. Unfortunately they gave me major gas (TMI?) and I decided I loved my husband enough to give up those delicious fake Reese’s cups.

I have always enjoyed chocolate chips and found that the super dark chocolate ones don’t have that many carbs in them especially since I’m only eating a few a day. So here’s the super complicated recipe y’all.

1. Keep bag of high quality dark chocolate chips in your freezer (they are best cold).

2. Serve a few chips into a tiny bowl.

3. Add a little high quality sea salt.

4. Savor and smile.

chocolate craving fix.jpg