Our 13 Favorite Baby Names that didn’t make the Cut

I could've been Harvey?!

I could’ve been Harvey?!

After reading Lauren’s post over at Disney Baby, I was inspired to share all of our favorite baby names that we will never get to use since we are definitely done having babies. I must admit naming babies is a pretty big motivator to have them… it’s so fun! Too bad birthing and raising them is a little bit harder.


Vela (VAY-luh) – This was a strong contender for baby number #2 if Darwin had been a girl. We especially liked that the meaning was related to sailing and the sea which is very appropriate since our second baby was born right by the ocean.

Maeve – I have always loved this name ever since I babysat a little girl named Maeve in Austin. It was our 1st choice for Adelaide before we came up with Adelaide.

Arwin – This was another option for a female version of Darwin but I was a little hesitant of the LOTR references.

Olivia – My great grandfather was Oliver and this was our female version but it has just become too popular for our taste.

Lucinda – This was our #1 choice for Adelaide until my mom indicated she didn’t like it and broke my spirit (sorry mom, true story). I love the potential nicknames of Indy and Lucy too.

Austen – I love this name for a girl especially since I love Jane Austen and I love the city Austin. But the name Austin for boys is just too prevalent, I felt like it would get confusing for her in class when she was older.

McKenna – This is my middle name and I’ve always loved it. When I was little I hated how much Bryn was mispronounced and wanted to start going by McKenna. My brother even called me Mac for awhile.


Oliver – My great grandfather was Oliver and went by Ollie which I think is just the cutest.

Harvey – This is Richard’s grandfather’s name and was almost Ari’s middle name.

Cyprus – I’ve always liked the nickname Cy but have never been fully on board with Cyril. And ultimately Cyprus didn’t feel right either.

Everett – I love this name and actually considered it for a girl too with Ever as a nickname.

Donovan – We both like the nickname “Van” and considered Donavan as the full name.

Holden – I love this name mainly because of Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye.

So there you have it… now you know that we definitely aren’t having any more kids otherwise I would never be giving away all of my favorite picks! 😉