10 Pregnancy Essentials

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You guys, I’m so excited because my friends are having babies too, finally! Richard and I were basically the first ones to have a baby of our close friends and several of his friends followed shortly after but none of my friends were… UNTIL NOW! Motherhood totally brought me closer to lots of people that were just acquaintances but it’s so awesome to know that soon I will share mommy status with some of my besties! And I’m so excited to pass along my infinite wisdom (pshha!) to others.

1. I tried not to go too crazy with shopping for maternity clothes but it’s nice to have a few high quality staples. And believe me, I really wore out my pregnancy clothes because I was essentially wearing the same 10 outfits every single day for months and months and then again with baby #2.

2. My favorite jeans and leggings came from Motherhood Maternity. I always got the smallest size they had and my personal preference is the FULL panel belly. They call it the Secret fit panel or something like that. Whatever, it stays up better than those demi panels that GAP loves so much. I had one full panel pair of jeans from GAP and they were super cute but they fell down all the time so were basically useless. The material of their full panel was not nearly as good as the Motherhood ones.

3. My favorite tanks were from Target. They do eventually lose their stretch but that’s after wearing them every single night through two pregnancies. All of my spandex pants and shirts were eventually stretched past their limit in some way. My two favorite staple tops were this long sleeve and this tank. The Target version of the tank is probably just as good. Ingrid and Isabel make a cheaper version of all of their staples and sell them at Target as the Be Maternity line. My other favorite brand is Isabella Oliver. Such amazing quality! Their stuff is pricey but will last throughout your whole pregnancy and they do have discounts from time to time.

My favorite source for styling tips while pregnant is Ain’t no Mom Jeans. Check out their blog for first, second, and third trimester fashion.

Now for the non-clothing items you’ll want when you’re preggo.

4. This is THE best supplement for iron (something we all need more of when pregnant). I went from a 9.5 iron level to 12.7 in 4 weeks by taking this stuff. It’s worth the cost and worth getting the biggest size so it lasts through pregnancy and early postpartum when you need to rebuild iron after blood loss.

5. My favorite prenatal vitamins. They never made me nauseous and you only have to take them once a day. Again it’s good to buy in bulk so you have them throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

6. Unfortunately most women get hemmorroids and you will want Tucks and ointment. If you don’t need them while pregnant you will certainly want them post partum.

7. There is a lot of information out there that says that stretch marks are genetic and/or are under the skin and lotions won’t help. But trust me you will want to at least try to prevent them, right? I used this stuff which is pricey but really really helped with my intense red stretch marks.

8. This pregnancy tea was nice to drink while pregnant. Special pillows specifically targeted at pregnant moms were just not my thing, in fact I hated mine. Get a regular body pillow at target and hug it like it’s a life raft.

9. This isn’t specifically pregnancy but comfortable shoes saved my life (or at least my feet). I tried to go on walks or hikes every day to get my exercise like a good preg and my old idea of comfy sneakers weren’t cutting it.

10. I recommend keeping some kind of journal. I didn’t keep one and when I was pregnant the second time I kept asking myself when certain things had happened the first time but couldn’t remember (even though my pregnancies were less than 2 years apart!).

I’m sure there are many other things I’m forgetting but this is a good start.

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