Ridiculously Delicious No Carb Tuna Melt Tacos

When I originally cut out carbs to lose the baby weight (worked like a charm) I learned how to make taco shells out of nothing but cheese! The other day we were in major need of a trip to the grocery store and there was basically nothing but a couple of cans of tuna in the pantry and a big bag of grated cheese in the fridge. A lightbulb went off and I came up with the No Carb Tuna Melt.

Step one: Make tuna salad to your tasting. I use mayo, dill weed, curry, salt and pepper then I add chopped nuts, celery or whatever we have on hand. I don’t really measure anything I just mix it up until it’s a good consistency and tastes yummy.

The “melt” part is what I want to share with you.

Get a piece of parchment paper and sprinkle a very thin layer of grated cheese to form a circle.

no carb taco shell

Microwave for about a minute. This will vary based on the microwave and the cheese. If it’s finely grated cheese it will be quicker. Basically you want to watch it until it has almost stopped bubbling.

no carb taco shell

Take it out of the microwave and fold the paper into a U-shape to form a taco shell.

no carb taco shell

It only takes a few seconds and then you can easily peel the paper away and have a perfect, crunchy, cheesy, delicious taco shell. Repeat to make as many shells as you need.


Add your tuna and chow down – it tastes just like the tuna melts you grew up eating but without all of the carbs. Enjoy!

no carb tuna melt