Top 10 things on my Summer Bucket List

Last week I shared my 30 goals before I turn 30 list but wanted to get a little more specific with some things I want to knock out this summer. Here goes!

1. Visit Bend, OR. We’ve heard so many amazing things about Bend and even talk about moving there one day so it would probably help to at least visit first! (In the planning stage but may have to wait until the Fall when the hotels aren’t so expensive 7/1/14)

2. Go Kayaking. Richard has mentioned going to sea kayaking which, to be honest, scares the crap out of me. BUT there is a lovely lake here that I would love to paddle around on. (not yet 7/1/14)

3. Go Fishing. Some of our neighbors here own fishing charter boats and I’d love to go out sans kids with Richard and catch some dinner.  (I have been gifted with fresh caught fish a few times, does that count?)

4. Go Surfing. Last summer I was 2 weeks post partum when I watched Richard and Andy surf. I don’t really want to become a surfer (getting bashed by waves gives me killer headaches) but I’d love to boogie board on a regular basis and really I just want an excuse to own a wet suit. (I kind of don’t even want to do this anymore 7/1/14)

Guys are so hot in wetsuits... do I have a Batman complex?

Guys are so hot in wetsuits… do I have a Batman complex?

5. Read Brain Rules. I’ve had this book for a few months and haven’t made the time to read it. Maybe once Dexter is out of my life I will take a TV break and read it. Great read, go get it!

6. Eat lots of crab. Oh the glorious days of successful crabbing. The dungeness crab here on the Oregon Coast is really something special. Unfortunately we’ve had back luck lately and I won’t bring myself to pay $30/crab so we’ve gotta make lots ‘o time for crabbing this summer. (Sadly there has been no crab yet 7/1/14)


7. Start working out. Or at least go on more walks/hikes. Last summer when I was mondo-preg we walked at least 2 miles a day so I think I can handle burning a few calories this summer too.  Hikes and yard work totally count. I have also started doing yoga with Adelaide.

8. Eat real meals together. Cooking is a constant struggle over here. Can’t we just have pancakes and Indian takeout every night? But seriously, now that Ari is eating more food I’d like to plan out meals better and try to cover more food groups on a regular basis. (Still not doing very well in this department 7/1/14)

9. Blog at least 5 times a week. I’ve been kicking butt lately about blogging and I love it. I truly feel happier and more fulfilled when I make time to write. I definitely want to keep it up this summer. I’d also like to do at least one guest post on other sites each month. I love hearing from new readers! Done and done.

10. Take more pictures with my DSLR. It’s so easy just to leave the big girl camera at home and snap pictures on my phone, but the quality sucks compared to my Nikon. I want to have nice pictures for the kids to look back at one day and since there’s less rain in the summer I won’t have the excuse of my camera getting wet.  Check!

That’s all for now folks… Do you have a summer bucket list?