2 Steps to Dealing with Tangled Hair

dealing with toddler tangles

We’ve been dealing with tangles, knots and very close to dreadlocks with Adelaide’s hair since she was about 6 months old. As her hair gets longer, the knots have only gotten worse. She is a very rambunctious sleeper so she really gets a serious bedhead too.

Thank God I have curly hair too and have dealt with tangles and frizz my whole life. I used to go through entire bottles of “no more tangles” at each comb out session. When my parents told me I had to take a bath, my immediate response was “do I have to wash my hair?!” because washing my hair meant dealing with my tangles.

I have approached A’s hair with a no shampoo, conditioner only, infrequent washing method. We only comb her hair when she’s in the bath and it is saturated with conditioner and we only wash it every 4 or so days. Each comb out session takes anywhere from 10-50 minutes and Richard has been the one doing most of the heavy lifting in that department.

toddler tangles

This is the BEFORE picture

A few months back I ordered the knot genie and it helped make de-tangling a little easier but it was still taking forever and A got older she started fighting back – combing out her hair was like taming a wild coyote.

The other day I saw Finley’s hair over at H is for Hillman and heard good things from them about Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme. The price tag was kind of a shock but I’ve always been a proponent of spending a little more on hair products if it means healthier hair. Plus as we all know, when it comes to making life easier with a toddler or baby, we are willing to do anything so I used a leftover Amazon gift card from Christmas and ordered Baby Buttercreme. When it arrived, I was super skeptical and confused about how to use it. It seemed like I was supposed to use it on her dry hair and since her hair is really just a mop of frizzy curls it felt weird slathering it on. The smell was also a little more potent than I was expecting.

BUT I stuck with it and started using it every morning on her hair and by day four her hair is behaving so differently (hint better!) and we are pretty happy. It is preventing her hair from tangling as much and helping her curls hang down rather than ‘Fro out. It is actually a little bittersweet because she looks so much more grown up with more length to her hair.

I know it pretty much looks the same but trust me it's much healthier and less tangled.

I know it pretty much looks the same but trust me it’s much healthier and less tangled.

Here is the REAL KICKER – the combing out at bath time is a breeze now! I did it today in like 2 minutes flat. I still don’t use shampoo and just comb it out with the knot genie and this conditioner.


So here is what we’ve been doing:

Step 1: Comb out tangles in bath with conditioner (we like Aussie’s 3 minute miracle) and the knot genie.

Step 2: Wait until hair is dry and use a quarter size amount of Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme (repeat each morning on dry hair).

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