Why We Send New Year’s Cards


There are several reasons that we choose to send New Year’s cards instead of Christmas cards. First of all, it’s a much easier deadline to meet. The Christmas holidays are always a busy time of year and I definitely don’t always have it together enough to send cards out on time to arrive by Christmas, so if our cards are New Year’s cards, you have quite the window to get them sent out (even into February is fine in my opinion!). Another reason we choose to send New Year’s cards is that you never know what some people’s beliefs are and while I know there are lots of Happy Holidays cards, they just feel a little generic to me. New Year’s is a celebration pretty much anyone can get behind. Our eldest was also born on New Year’s Eve so we always have a great celebration for New Year’s for her as well!

This year I ordered our cards on December 15th from Minted and I was really excited when they arrived just two days later!┬áMinted also addressed the envelopes for me so I was able to send the cards out the second they arrived and some of them may even have arrived by Christmas! We’ve gotten tons of compliments on our cards this year, my favorite aspect is the pearl lustre which gave them that extra New Year’s party vibe!
minted cards

minted cards

new years cards